March – packing and setting up mailing address

Well, thinking back to February – I was lucky that all the energy from fixing our rooms and cleaning was poured into packing and testing space/storage space in the trailer because I broke my 2 toes end of February which did bound me to bed for at least 2 weeks. Duh! But, good I was adamant of getting rid of stuff fast enough – we had almost everything packed or ready to be packed.

Now I have time to tell the story of the mailing address and setting up the mail box. Seriously, I could still be trying to set it up, if I would not given up on Canada Post. So, to forward our mail when we move in April I needed to set up community mailing box for the new property. Our property is NOT part of the large development, subdivision was done in 1990-ties and since than it was sold twice until we got it. People planned but never finished anything, so while we had an address, we could not forward the mail there because there is no house and no community mail box set up for us.

So I opened a ticket with Canada post to set it up. The first ticket was long but the guy was good and then it ended up ubruptly when he said I cant set up mailing box more than a month in advance. Dont ask me why. I told him OK – I own this land for years, cant I just set it up now – nope, call again end of the month and set it up again. I have to say at least this guy spoke English and had common sense.

My second ticket was with the girl with decent English but difficulty in understanding of the fact that the site is a construction site but not a new development – so community box probably exists somewhere nearby but needs to have us added. I literally got nowhere with her, she said she will log a request and someone will call me within a week. Next day the case was closed, no explanation and nobody called me within a week. If you wonder why I dealt with Canada Post online or on the phone – Pandemic, Sechelt is in Coastal Region and Coquitlam is in Fraser Valley and they asked us not to travel if we can help it. So I thought its a reasonable thing to expect – to set up community mail box for me over the help line. I was wrong.

When nobody called me in a week, I called back. This time the guy did not speak good English and I think I kept repeating can you say it again enough times for him to get frustrated with me, and we literally got nowhere. He said I have to wait another 2 weeks this time and someone will call me back, and that previous case was closed because there is a community mail box there already and I just need the keys. Did not I call with that exact issue first time around? He kept saying someone will post a notice ON MY DOOR to come pick up keys. I kept telling him THERE IS NO DOOR, its a contruction site, but he kept repeating (this time slowly to be nice to me) that if I do not have a door I cant have a box. I said well, I can have a box because I can live on the property during construction and he kept saying someone will post a notice on my door. He opened the case though. It did not get closed.

So we took a special measure and went to the Coast to the Post Office in person. They gave us keys which will be for the box we cant open yet because they will need to change existing keys to the new ones they gave us and than put the second key into the box when they change the locks next week. No door needed. Not even us living there. Nada. It can be done when people know what they are doing. Oh, and our postal code changed. Nobody knows about it yet, it is new. They changed postal codes for the whole Sechelt. Just saying. It was cool. I actually went and listened to this video explaining what postal codes mean. Its below. Really cool. We no longer are rural area because we live where other people live.