Email from the kitten owner and why we like getting good news!

Over years I am breeding I’ve learned that most of our kitten owners dont email us much of good news, here and there, birthdays of the cats and such, some keep connected over Facebook but majority we do not hear back from. What I absolutely dont like is when we dont hear from our customers at all for years than we get a call about some problem, and I maybe doing something important and not always finding words to console or words of understanding. Its because it takes me a bit to remember who you are and which kitty you had, and sometimes it comes out a bit dry. Sorry for that, its just very hard to think of people and kittens quickly when we did not hear from you for yours orĀ  maybe doing something quite important (one of those calls came in when we were buying a house… All I could come up with “what are you expectations?” Later I thought I must have come out as a heartless selfish person but my mind was in the real estate debate over subjects at the moment!)

Yet some people love to email us details and good news. Here is one of them from one of the families which has children. (names are changed for privacy purposes)

Thought we’d give you an update on how Murphy is doing in his new home.

Since we picked him up a couple weeks ago, he’s made himself a very
important member of our family. He’s very flopsy when picked up, droops in
our arms, and my son carries him around the house purring the whole time. He
sure loves attention, and is almost constantly under foot, or poking his
nose into rooms we don’t really want him into … so inquisitive in nature
and we adore him as much as I’m sure he adores us!

At bed time while I read bed time stories to my son, Murphy is right there,
curled up at my feet or playing with my toes. When we’re finished reading,
he is often a little too playful as he loves to tackle blankets that have
toes moving under them. Late at night, he can often be found curled up on
one of his favorite chairs, or if I carefully sneak into my sons room he’ll
poke his head over the edge of the beds barriers to see who’s invading the
space while he was laying next to my son, sharing a genuine need for one
anothers company. A few light strokes on his head, instant purring and he
flops right over beside my son to go back to sleep. The two of them have
bonded quite well.

Dinner time for him has consisted of a variety of Red Dog Blue Cat recipes.
I haven’t tried mixing regular meat into his meals yet, but he’s been eating
around 3/8 of a pound of meat 2 to 3 times a day. Kangaroo is his favorite,
with beef a close second … though recently he’s taken to chicken and
turkey a little more. I made the mistake of trying to warm the meat up in a
warm bowl of water while still in the packet (mistakenly thinking that warm
food is more like fresh killed food), but that made it more soupy and he
didn’t much like it like that, so cold is his favorite consistency. I have
yet to find some quality time to read your notes on how to mix a more
nutritious dinner for him.

The most exciting moments are when he decides to play, and runs through our
house (which has very little furniture, with laminate strip flooring),
scratch scratch scratching in a long arch as he tries to gain traction but
fails, and uses the entire room to change direction. His ears are constantly
twitching to see where sounds are coming from.

He’s also one of the most gentle creatures I’ve ever met. Though he does
like to grab with his claws while playing rough, he also knows to retract
them when playing gently, and my son has not received a single scratch from
him. I purchased a few cheap cloth mice from the dollar store, and he packs
those around day and night, often found flinging them from one side of the
room to the other.

Thank you for the advice on the litter using pine pellets from Rona .. he’s
taken easily to that, and uses both litter boxes equally depending on where
in the house he is when nature takes its call.

Yes, Murphy is now a valued member of our family, right now I hear my son
splashing in the bath tub, and I know Murphy is sitting in the doorway
watching him and waiting for him to finish.”