How it all started

It all started in 2006 when my Ragdoll male neutered cat, Chandler, disappeared on my birthday. I was devastated – we never found out what happened to him but we hope someone stole him as he was that gorgeous floppy blue point Ragdoll cat which was so friendly to everyone. He was indoor only cat and we assume he figured out the doggy door we had for our hound dog.

We went looking for a new Ragdoll and since kids were growing up and my motherly instinct still was strong I wanted to become a cat breeder. Even after 10 years I still get all misty when I watch newborn kittens – they are like little fat bundles of peace and joy!

We registered our cattery as Hugaragdoll and we had our first Ragdoll male and females and had our first litter in January 2007. Over the years we went thru a lot of challenges as breeders – from first heart break of loosing a kitten, to nursing the one hopeless kitten to health, from loosing our first adult cat to FIP to listening when the customer says they lost a cat purchased from us to FIP, from hearing the owners of our kittens lost the kitty which fell off the 22nd floor in downtown Vancouver to customers who let cats outside and cats being killed by wild life or cars. We lived thru  feeding a litter of 9 (!!!) kittens by hand because their mama did not want to feed them and have all of them survive. It can be rewarding but more often than not it can be so frustrating to be a breeder.

We showed our cats since 2006 and while we do show our cats less now (because I became a judge in TICA and have less opportunity to show my Ragdolls) we still enjoy every show we attend. Over the years we welcomed British Shorthair Penny, Abyssinian Abby, American Shorthairs Brush and Box, started breeding Kurilian Bobtails in Canada as well as showed our Chausie Osi to be best alter in TICA in 2014-2015 season. We love all breeds of cats but we stuck with Ragdolls because they are so floppy, happy cats which dont damage much in the homes and love their humans.

We currently have a very small breeding program. We have some of our altered cats in the house – Peachy, the seal bicolor tortie Ragdoll which was delivered in our home, Osi – the black grizzled Chausie which loves to show, and Cassie – a black grizzled little evil female which we hopelessly try to find home for, but she is for people who loves challenges 🙂 – please line up!

I prefer people come to cat shows to see us if they want to visit. I just feel more secure being surrounded by other people than having strangers in my home. Plus kittens during visits never behave like they would when they are in your home, so why stress them?

Below I am having a picture of Osi at age 2 years and 3 month. He is not a Ragdoll but he is the best cat I had an honor to show. He was best international Alter in TICA in 2014-2015 and he enjoyed showing and still loves to go to the shows. He is one amazing cat. He looks better in person 🙂 – yes, even better!